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For Prospective Students and Researchers at International Strategy for Disaster Mitigation Laboratory (ISDM)

International Strategy for Disaster Mitigation Laboratory (ISDM) at the International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University, seeks to build a strategy of urban disaster mitigation and reconstruction at an international level. Our purpose is to define ongoing problems and further issues from an interdisciplinary point of view. We analyze unique characteristics of each country (area) from the viewpoint of disaster risk reduction and post-disaster recovery strategy by finding issues and problems both at pre-disaster (e.g., risk management, mitigation strategy) and post-disaster (e.g., reconstruction, recovery strategy). Furthermore, our research looks at risk management, disaster prevention, mitigation strategy, and effective international collaboration systems which are well adapted to natural, economical, and social characteristics of each country (area).

Study on disaster risk reduction and post-disaster, by its nature, is quite broad as it relates to a whole social issue. In such a state, our laboratory expands its research from urban city and architectural space. Not only disaster areas inside and outside Japan, but our research also includes those areas with other additional issues: such as environmental changes and complex social systems. In other words, basically we carry out our research to solve all these issues by suggesting spatial design.

Professor Murao, leading ISDM, teaches at the architecture courses, the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at Tohoku University. He instructs graduate students (doctorate/master course), undergraduate, and research students. He also welcomes research workers interested in the research subject of the laboratory as well.

For interested students inside and outside Tohoku University and research workers who want to study with us, please refer to the links below and contact Professor Osamu Murao.

Research Topic Keywords

Urbanism, architecture, space theory, disaster risk reduction, post-disaster recovery, urban vulnerability evaluation, urban design and architecture for disaster risk reduction, urban risks, etc.

Research Sites

Great East Japan Earthquake disaster area and other locations inside and outside Japan.


Theory of Space for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture) (Academic Year 2014-)
Team-based Engineering for Invention (Undergraduate School of Engineering) (Academic Year 2016-2017, 2020-)


on Wednesday afternoon

“Urban Architecture Fieldwork” and “Urban City Seminar”

We have hold a series of “Architecture and Urban Design Fieldwork” for students annually to nurture a deeper understanding of urban cities in Japan.

Research Investigation

Field surveys in affected areas due to disasters are significant for our laboratory. At the same time, we look into other areas for future disaster to prepare disaster risk reduction strategies. Newly joined students will be members of our research investigation at times.

Presentation in Academia

At our laboratory, students are required to present their research outcome in academia. Students may choose to present at annual conference(s)/symposium(s), etc. Furthermore, graduate students with great success in their research may be assigned an English presentation at international conference(s).

Participation in Design Competition

Upon students’ interest in urban architectural design, our laboratory may participate in a design competition as a team.

Lab’s Annual Events

We have annual team building events as below. We also may have joined events with other laboratories and universities.

  • April - Welcome Party
  • July - Beat the Summer Heat
  • August - Summer Seminar
  • December - Year-end Party
  • February - Graduation Thesis Celebration Party
  • March - Farewell Party

October 12, 2020
Professor Osamu Murao
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